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                      Bay City, five for Three Jingmen Animal rise of limited liability company, in the field of agricultural industrialization rise to become the provincial agricultural industrialization leading enterprises, but also the sole province of live cattle to Hong Kong exporters.
                  Looking at the market, business opportunities, warlords everywhere, Central Plains. Cattle and sheep grazing benefits of "educating the world varieties of cattle and sheep", sheep and cattle breeding area in China to build new brands.
                     Bay City, five for Three Jingmen Animal Husbandry Animal Husbandry Co., Ltd. is a city directly under the designated Office, the largest city of culture, the city only for the kind of formal research and breeding farm. For seed breeding farm covers an area of ??306.5 mu of land, cattle and sheep, 612 homes.....
                  Grow up two yuan sows
                  Sows is white
                  Long white boar
                  Variety show
                  XinMei department about g breeding
                  XinMei department about g breeding
                  White XinMei is developed
                  2 yuan sows
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                   Shayang count
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                   East treasure
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